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The Money Minute - March 2016

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Cleaning up your finances this Spring

Springtime is​ here! Before you get too excited about the warm weather, remember spring cleaning is coming up too. This year, don’t forget to include cleaning up your finances! Spring is a great time to set goals to get organized, become debt free, and increase savings. 

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Five to Follow: The Best Financial Advice on Social Media

If you’re like me, you often moan about the political posts and pictures of food that fill your social media feeds. Why not sprinkle in some tips for saving money at the grocery store or ways to maximize your tax return? Turn your social media feed into your own personal finance advisor by following these five influential posters. 

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Holiday Spending Plan for 2016

Guess what I found out? Based on statistics, the average U.S. Consumer spent about $830.00 on Christmas gifts last year. That is an increase from the $720.00 spent in 2014. During the “Great” Recession, in 2008, the average US Consumer spent $616.00 on Christmas. (I was curious) 


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