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The Money Minute - June 2015

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Are YOU ready to be a homeowner?

It’s that time of year again; For Sale signs are flagging yards all across your city. Rates are in a great place for buying and there are many properties out there just waiting for the right owner. Have you been renting for a while and always wanted to be a homeowner, but are intimidated by the process? Making sure you are in the right position to be a homeowner is your first step in this process. Here are the main things to consider before talking to a lender, realtor, or starting to look for a home.
: Housing

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Free 'Step Ahead' Student Loan Debt Coaching Program

The ‘Step Ahead’ project is available to residents of Central Ohio and three other communities, including the Youngstown/Warren OH, Seattle, WA and Lexington, KY. Participants should be nearing graduation, recently graduated, or have stopped attending college classes, but not have entered their student loan repayment period.

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Confessions of a Failed Couponer: How to Save Without the Hassle of Clipping Coupons

I want to coupon. Really, I do. I read the articles of how I could get a swimming pool’s worth of mustard for 5 cents and I want to be that person. But, I just can’t. The last time I printed off paper coupons, my 8-month old chewed them up before we made it to the store. Couponer fail. But, you know what I can do? I can find sales. And, I like the internet. There are a dozen ways of saving money, especially for big purchases. Here’s a few that I’ve found useful.
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