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The Money Minute - July 2015

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Three reports, three scores

As a credit counselor, one of the most frequent questions I get about credit reports is: “Why do I have three credit scores and why are they different?” The honest answer (that no one really appreciates) is that you actually have MORE THAN three scores! There are a lot of different factors that play into determining your score, but here are the three biggest reasons as to why they vary so much.

Categories: Credit Reports and Scores

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Establishing Credit

I think it goes without saying that having good credit is very important. People work hard to develop a good credit score and work even harder to maintain a good score. As a credit counselor, I meet many individuals that have no credit at all and their most frequent question is: “How do I get credit?” With this in mind, I thought I would write about establishing a credit history.

Categories: Personal Finance

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Merry "Half" Christmas

Ladies and gentleman we are officially halfway to Christmas! Can you believe it? As happy as Christmas makes me, it can make a bank account take a substantial hit for which it wasn’t prepared. Take a few moments and ask yourself “How much am I going to spend on family and friends this holiday season?” Grab a calculator or a trusty pencil and paper and do the math. As we are already halfway through 2015, here are a few strategies that you may consider when financially preparing for the holidays. Get started now.

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