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The Money Minute - January 2016

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3 Tips for Making Resolutions You Will Actually Keep

Here we are at the beginning of the New Year and the end of an often indulgent, busy holiday season. With every new beginning comes the natural desire (or inescapable pressure) to change; to break bad habits, create positive practices, spark growth and be better. Research from the University of Scranton suggests that only about 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goal and about 29% of us don’t even make it through the first week. Beat the odds this year by following these three tips for creating resolutions you will actually keep. 

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Having a Savings Account is Essential to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

A savings account is essential in order to successfully pay off credit card debt. Even if you have already tracked your expenses and worked up a detailed budget, you are more likely to fail when emergencies arise without a savings account. Life is unpredictable and includes surprise expenses like car repairs, home repairs and even invitations to weddings. These surprise expenses can be a challenge when managing a budget. If you do not have savings funds available, what are the alternatives? You may be tempted to use a credit card you’ve been working to pay off, but that will raise the balance. 


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Sweepstakes Winner

Winner of Apprisen's "Mortgage or Rent Payment" Sweepstakes Announced

Mr. Jared Latta was selected as the winner of the “Mortgage or Rent Payment” Sweepstakes sponsored by Apprisen, the nation’s oldest nonprofit credit counseling agency. Mr. Latta's name was selected at random from all entries. Winners had only to register at Apprisen’s website or send in an entry between October 15 and December 15, 2015. 


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