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The Money Minute - February 2016

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Tax Season Is Coming

Tax season can be an exciting time for taxpayers who receive a refund and stressful for those who owe the IRS. Every year I put the fun in refund and buy myself a little something then save the rest. Last year, I bought a fitness tracker. Whether you receive a refund or owe the IRS, you should file your taxes early to give yourself time to plan. Here are three tips to ensure a smooth tax season. 


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Savings Tip of the Day: Don't Pay to Get Your Taxes Done!

It’s tax time! Do I sound excited? I am. Not about taxes particularly but about an awesome resource that I get to share every year at tax time. It’s an easy way to save money this tax season and keep all of your refund. If you make less than $62,000/household you are eligible to have your taxes prepared for free through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA ) Program. FREE. Totally, absolutely, no strings attached, FREE. You will get your refund just as quickly as you would if you paid to file. On that note, don’t ever pay to get your refund faster. It’s often a scam and always a rip-off. You have been waiting all year; you can wait another couple days. I utilized the VITA program the last two years and had my refund direct deposited into my bank account within 3 days of filing each time. 


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Making the Most of Your Tax Refund

It’s almost tax time; which means tax refund time, yay! I can remember as a small child this time of year when my parents received their tax refund. My sisters and I would get an allowance that we could use to go shopping for new clothes, shoes, etc. We weren’t poor but we weren’t rich either. My father was a Marine and not at all a materialistic man. So most of the time we got what we needed, which was not always what we wanted. 



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