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The Money Minute - August 2015

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Financing Your College Education: Good,
Better, Best

When it comes to financing a college education, not all funding is created equal. While it’s true that student loans make up the majority of the financing, it is certainly not the only option. Students today are graduating college with record amounts of debt, and with parents trying to live on impossibly strict budgets so that they can help finance their children’s schooling. The question that many parents want to have answered is: what are the options to help ease this burden?

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Budgeting for the Last Year of College and Beyond

Numerous students around the country head back to their respective universities and colleges to complete their degree and graduate this year.  It’s a year filled with joy and sadness all wrapped tightly together.  Joy for finishing a degree and the dread of having to find a “real” job.

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Student Loan Counseling

Student Loan debt has surpassed our nations credit card debt and is second only to mortgage debt. Changes have been made to help students understand the financial obligations they commit to by using financial aid and life after graduation dealing with repayment. There are several types of required counseling…

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