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The Money Minute - ​April 2016

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Start Planning Your Dream "Staycation" Now!

“Staycations” have increased in popularity over the years as people take time off work but don’t have the funds for travel. Plane tickets, hotels, rental cars and restaurant outings may not be in the budget for many families and singles alike. However, that doesn’t mean new and interesting experiences can’t be enjoyed on a tight budget. A staycation might be your low cost solution to an expensive vacation. 

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Pop Finance: Save Dat Money

Do you get bored thinking about saving for retirement? Does the word budgeting make you cringe? Personal finances aren’t very sexy, I get it. In this new series, Pop Finance, I’m going to attempt to make finances a little more fun. We will explore personal finance lessons from pop culture, finding counsel, tips and cautionary tales in popular songs, movies and TV shows.

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Happy Money Smart Week! April 23-30, 2016

Every year there is a coalition of people who work very hard in organizing an eventful week called “Money Smart Week.” The coalition’s function is to educate anyone interested on how to better themselves financially. The week consists of workshops and webinars all focused on a particular branch of managing your finances. In honor of “Money Smart Week” here at Apprisen we have some helpful tips to help you in your quest to become “money smart.” 


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