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Is Summer a Good Time to Find Bargains? 

summer sale

The answer is a solid maybe. If you are thinking about back-to-school deals, patio furniture, blue jeans and summer clothes, you are in luck. You might have noticed a trend in the list you just read. While August is the month to get your best deals on back-to-school supplies, as well as almost anything associated with summer, August is not a good time to find most other items on sale.

Summer clothes and equipment - Why are July and August a great time to buy swimsuits, summer clothes, and outdoor equipment? Retail stores stock up in late winter and early spring for the summer season. Suddenly, their warehouses are filled to the rafters with grilling supplies, beach wear, outdoor toys, etc. As the summer draws to and end and families are winding down their summer activities, the stores know people just like you have switched from thinking about summer to the upcoming fall and winter. You are simply not in the market to make purchases that you can enjoy for only a few more weeks…unless you are a savvy bargain hunter. End of the season sales are often a fantastic opportunity to buy what you will need for next summer at a steep discount. So, go ahead and stock up on summer clothes and gear for next year.

Back-to-school supplies – In late July and August, American’s are shopping for the supplies and clothes that their children will need for the upcoming school year. We will spend almost $27 billion on our kids in grades K-12, and $72 billion will be spent when we include our college bound students. That is a lot of money and every retail chain wants a part of it. The good part is that the same stores are willing to give you a nice discount to do your shopping with them. That means you should see bargains for clothes, accessories, traditional school supplies, and electronics such as laptops and calculators.

Don’t break the bank – With sales going on in late summer, you need to remind yourself that you have to stick to your budget. As tempting as the steep discounts are, you are still spending money and you want to keep your spending plan in mind. That patio set might not be such a nice deal after you put the purchase on a credit card and spend the next two years paying it off. Back-to-school supplies are never a surprise; you know you will need them if you have school-age children. Be prepared. Save up the money ahead of time and your budget won’t take a huge hit.

The bottom line is that late summer is a great time to buy many things that you will need. However, spend your money wisely and don’t add to your debt.


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