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The Art of Re-gifting


We all have received gifts that we either don’t want or don’t need, and the thought of giving it to another person sounds appealing. Not only would it stop gathering dust and free some space on the shelf, it can save money. What’s not good about that? But how many people actually re-gift? To answer that question, we thought it would be fun to poll Apprisen’s employees to see what their experiences were. We found that 68% have given a gift that they had received previously while only 22% have never re-gifted. Another 10% have used that gift in a white elephant exchange. So, if you decide to re-gift there are some rules you need to follow.

 Woman Opening Gift
  • Some gifts should never be re-gifted. If you received a gift that was especially made for you, it would be beyond tacky to give it to someone else. Even if you would never use it, the intent in which it was given should mean more than what it would be worth by giving it away.  Another no-no is free promotional gifts – do I really have to mention that?
  • Give with good intentions. If you are going to re-gift an item, unless it’s for a white elephant exchange, be mindful of the recipient. Ask yourself, do you think this person will like or need this item?  If the answer is honestly no, you know what you have to do…go shopping.
  • Never re-gift in a close social circle. We received several humorous replies in our Apprisen staff survey of where people where “caught” re-gifting an item. Stories included leaving previous gift tags on the items to forgetting to take out an old picture in a frame they thought they never used. This was given to a stepmother… a bit uncomfortable).
  • To tell or not to tell. You need to decide if you re-gift will you fess up and say that you did, or keep it a secret? If you keep it a secret, make sure that those who know keep it a secret also. However, as one Apprisen staffer found out, kids seem to pick opportune times to be very honest about what they know.

If you decide to re-gift, don’t feel bad about it. Something you don’t want could be the perfect gift for someone else.

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