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Your Financial Olympics



The 2014 Olympics are underway and for many athletes this is an accumulation of years of preparation. There have been triumphs, as well as challenges, on their journey to Sochi and Olympic gold. But they didn’t get there without a plan. They didn’t say, “I want to be an Olympian” and then do nothing about making it a reality. You should approach your finances in the same manner. You certainly wouldn’t say, “I want to retire with enough money to travel the world,” and then not contribute to your retirement account. Just like the Olympic athlete, you need to have a plan to get what you want. So let’s start your training.


Set a goal. You have to know what you are working for and then motivate yourself to achieve it. Write it down on a piece of paper and stick it in your wallet. Next time you are going to make an impulsive purchase you will see it and, perhaps, not  spend the money. If you want to take it to the next level, take the money you were going to use and put it in account that is designated specifically for your goal. 

Create a support system. Everybody in the household should be on the same page when it comes to finances. Weekly discussions on how you handled your finances the week before and what is coming up the following week will help keep you on track.   

Get coaching. Examine your financial situation and determine what kind of coach you need. If you are struggling, you can make an appointment with a certified counselor from Apprisen to discuss your overall budget and create an action plan that is specific to your situation. Or, you might consult a financial planner if you are preparing for your retirement.  Regardless, seek out the experts to assist you in your journey.

Proper Equipment. What are the things you need to be successful in reaching your goals? There are many computer programs or apps on your phone that could provide you with the resources. Whatever it is, your information needs to be stored in a safe place and updated on a regular basis.    

Solid Training. There’s a saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know,” but make it a priority to find out. If you don’t know exactly how to create a spending plan or raise your credit score, learn. Seek out quick tips, educational videos, and free webinars in the Learning Center on Apprisen’s website ( Your community may offer other workshops and seminars that you should consider seeking out.  Bottom line, don’t assume you know what you’re doing -- that could be a very costly mistake.

Perseverance. Don’t give up. Life happens and sometimes we lose focus of our goals. Try sending yourself monthly emails reminders that are specific to your goals using You can ask motivating questions and give yourself encouragement. For example, “I bet you have $1,000 in savings already!” or “You got your raise last month, BUT did you remember to increase what was going into savings?” Short notes of inspiration will help you focus and get you through the difficult times.

Today is the day to begin your training for Your Financial Olympics and experience the thrill of victory by achieving your financial gold medal.  


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