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Celebrate Your Successes



Remember back on January 1st, when you made your New Year’s resolutions? You were going to lose weight, work out more or get on a budget. If you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to do, don’t beat yourself up. Anytime we go into something with an all or nothing attitude, it makes our effort difficult to sustain. Baby steps are the key to making long- term changes. So as the year is winding down, think back on what you did achieve this year and build on those accomplishments.


If your goal was to establish an emergency savings account and add to it regularly, how did you do? If you opened up the account, give yourself credit. If you set up a direct deposit from your paycheck, that’s another plus. However, you may have put money in but it didn’t stay there for long. That’s okay, you’ve started the process, that’s the important thing.  Ask yourself,” Is the amount I am depositing unrealistic? Would I have more success if I deposited only $10 a paycheck instead of $50?” Adding a smaller dollar amount to your account and leaving it in there is far more advantageous then depositing more and taking it out. Start small, think big.

Take the time to think about your other successes. Did you make small changes in your spending? Take your lunch to work? Say no to a purchase you really wanted because you couldn’t afford it? Do your own manicure? All of these things are stepping stones to help you achieve your goal, whatever that may be. So as you think about your 2016 resolutions, look back on what you did right this year, give yourself a pat on the back, and take it to the next level!! 


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