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Four for the Fourth




As the nation gets closer to celebrating its independence, it is a perfect time to reflect on your spending behaviors the first half of the year and make a “mid-year” resolution to get back on track.  Re-examine your goals and the actions you are taking to reach them.  Maybe, you are spending more on food and entertainment than you think. Tracking your spending for 30 days will give you a good idea where you are nickel and diming yourself. Then, determine a certain amount you are going to allow yourself for these expenses, and with the amount you are saving, you can apply towards reaching your financial goals.



Apprisen offers these tips to help you save, not only for the Fourth of July celebrations, but year round. 

  1. Work the coupons - Whether you get them from the newspaper, online, or on a phone app, coupons can save you money if you take the time to search for them. Create your grocery list, and then look for a coupon that you can use for something you are already buying. It is never a good idea to buy anything that is on sale for the sake of getting a good deal.  

  2. Free entertainment - This is the perfect time of year to take advantage of all the outdoor activities your community has to offer. From concerts and plays in the park to the Fourth of July parade. But be careful when you go, high cost concessions could sabotage your free outing. Consult your community calendar on a regular basis to get ideas, and then start planning! 

  3. Farmers Market – What a wonderful local resource to buy fruits, flowers, vegetables, and other handmade goodies.  It may be a little pricier, so consider going in the late afternoon when the venders are trying to sell their last products, you probably will get a better deal!  

  4. Social gatherings – This is the perfect time of year to get together with friends and family and host a BBQ or dinner party. But, that can be expensive. Offer to buy the meats and ask your guests to bring a side or dessert to share. It will save you the stress of making the whole meal and give your company an opportunity to show off their favorite dish.
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