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Back-to-School 101  

Nothing is scarier for a parent then to send their child off into the world to navigate life’s ups and downs.  This is especially true when it comes with dealing with finances.  That is why it is so important to teach your children how to manage their money way before they get ready to leave.  Parents need to start giving their children money lessons from an early age, from teaching young children the importance of savings to a teen’s financial responsibility.

It can also be scary as a parent to enter new stages in financial well-being.  It can often feel like going back to school yourself.  So whether you are now learning the importance of savings, trying to get your kids from pre-school to adulthood, or learning how to get back on track yourself, now is the time to learn about finances.

In this series of Back-to-School 101, we will present you with tips to teach your children to be money savvy regardless of their age. We will also give you some tools to develop your own money lesson plan.

School age

Your children will progress through different stages of school life and likewise will progress through different stages of financial learning. Learn more


From high school and beyond, young adults need to learn many things about the financial world. Learn more


Your financial life will change as your children progress through school. It is important that you have a plan to help prepare you for each stage. Learn more

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