Get Smart about Credit & ICU Day

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October brings us Get Smart about Credit Day and International Credit Union Day. Both days, recognized on October 15th of this year, allow for learning opportunities in and out of the classroom.
Get Smart about Credit Day is celebrating its 13th year of bankers visiting classrooms where they are able to share the “credit facts of life” and the importance of financial management with students. While the covered content may vary, the American Bankers Association (ABA) asks that the information be relevant and timely.
Get Smart about Credit lessons must be taught by a financial services professional and must cover some aspect of credit including but not limited to paying for college, knowing your credit score, and protecting your identity.
You can find a list of ABA offered programs and participating banks in your area here.
The U.S. Credit Union National Association has celebrated International Credit Union (ICU) Day since 1948. The World Council of Credit Unions has provided resources for Credit Union Day since the 1970s. The World Council of Credit Unions website lists ways for credit unions to get involved and celebrate ICU Day in their communities. Some places may sponsor open houses, festivals, and contests for young members, while others may interact with members online using #ICUday.
Interested in learning more? Read more about Get Smart about Credit Day and the history of ICU Day.
You can learn more about credit, including five important things to know about credit and how bad credit can hurt you, by viewing our QuickTips page.

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