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Apprisen Employer Resources

Your employees’ financial concerns are costing you money.


of employees handle their personal finance problems while at work.*

of employees spend between 1 and 5 work hours each week dealing with their financial issues.*

*Source: Price Water House Cooper’s 2013 Employee Financial Wellness

How are your employees dealing with their financial problems?

The numbers are clear. When your employees come to work, they’re bringing their financial problems with them. Those lost hours are impacting productivity and affect your bottom line. Apprisen can help your team members become the productive and efficient workers that you need them to be.

  • Comprehensive individual counseling
  • Presentations and webinars
  • Online financial tools
  • Debt Management Program
  • The Money Minute - Apprisen’s personal finance e-newletter
  • Online Financial Stress Test

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Are you ready to give your employees access to a partner that can help them keep their finances on track?

From basic budgeting and debt management to housing counseling, Apprisen can guide your employees towards financial wellness. The bottom line is that we can help to improve the productivity of your
employees without adding to your own stress. 


Help your employees become more productive.


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