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The Money Minute - March 2015

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 Nickel and Dime

Blown Away by the Nickel and Dime

In all my years of being a Certified Consumer Credit Counselor, the one thing almost all of my clients have in common is leaks in their spending plan. This is one area that we all struggle with, including myself. There are always unexpected expenses that pop up that you did not plan on, or things you chose to purchase that were not in your spending plan.
: Personal Finance

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 save or pay off debt

College Grads: Should You Save or Pay off Debt?

You worked hard, finished school, and managed to get a job in a very tough job market. For the first time in your life, you are making a real living and you want to get your financial life off to a healthy start. The question that always comes to mind is: “Should I focus on saving or paying off my debts?”  Categories: Personal Finance

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