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The Money Minute - December 2014

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 e-gift cards

E-Gift Certificates. Who Knew They Could Be So Convenient?

I’m old enough to remember getting excited when my mother’s aunt would send me a check in the mail for my birthday or for Christmas. She lived in Ohio and I lived in Boston. As a kid, it seemed like magic that I could receive money from so far away and spend it on anything you wanted. Categories: Frugal Living Personal Finance

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 secure password

How Secure is Your Password?

ID and data theft is so common that it’s become hard to pay attention when the news reports another 10 million ID’s stolen here or 70 million stolen there. Every story ends with the advice that you need to change your passwords and PINs as fast as you can. That advice got me to wondering what made up a really strong and secure password. Categories: Consumer Protection

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 10 ways to save $10

10 Ways to Save $10 a Month

Would you consider yourself one of those individuals who feels like you have more “month” than “money” and would laugh if someone asked you if you had an emergency savings account? In my 19 years of financial counseling experience, laughing at that question has been a common response! Categories: Frugal Living Personal Finance

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