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The Money Minute - April 2015

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 spring clean finances  

Working on Your Finances? You Need to Spring Clean

Once, a friend of mine told me that no matter how much money he had, he always ended up spending 20% more than that. Sticking to a savings plan can be a challenge for many, and some of us have more trouble than others. If you are the kind of person who is not naturally organized, or if you find yourself struggling to pay bills, you might benefit from some pointers on how to improve your budgeting habits.
: Personal Finance

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 Four Habits

Four Habits to Promote Financial Well-being - Part Two

It’s probably not a coincidence that several Facebook friends have recently posted links to articles about the plight of the working poor. The cost of living has continued to rise for everyone, but those with the lowest income seem to be hit the hardest. Living paycheck to paycheck is terribly stressful. One emergency can put you into debt or mean that important bills, such as utilities, don’t get paid.
: Personal Finance

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