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 A great team is hard to beat and West Virginia has a new team working to improve the circumstances of the state’s consumers. Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Southern West Virginia, based in Dunbar, West Virginia, has merged with the multi-state Consumer Credit Counseling Service network of Apprisen Financial Advocates, the nation’s oldest non-profit credit counseling service and financial education organization. The new lineup will build on the excellent services and reputation developed by CCCS of Southern West Virginia .According to Crystal Kudlak, President and CEO of CCCS of Southern West Virginia, the merger, effective January 1st, 2012, gives CCCS the opportunity to expand its counseling and financial education efforts in West Virginia.  “This partnership could not have come at a better time,” Mrs. Kudlak noted.  “The difficult economic times make the expansion of non-profit Financial Services and education more important than ever. West Virginia consumers will now have more than 100 face-to-face and online credit counselors available to assist them in getting their finances in order,” Kudlak continued. 

Michael Kappas, President and CEO of Apprisen, echoed those thoughts.  “CCCS of Southern West Virginia has a tradition of effectively serving its communities.  We welcome the opportunity to combine forces and expand much needed services during a very trying economic period,” Kappas stated. “Under the leadership of Crystal Kudlak, the staff and Board have provided effective, local community-based service.  We want to build upon that reputation,” Kappas said. “We plan to put our more than 56 years of credit counseling experience to work with CCCS of Southern West Virginia to assist greater numbers of people in West Virginia.”

In addition to providing more counseling, the combined organizations will draw on some of  credit counseling best technology and creditor relationships. Clients will see daily disbursements of their funds to creditors, greater access to client support, and an increase in financial literacy education. 

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Apprisen Financial Advocates is the result of a combination of 19 non-profit Financial Services agencies. In 2010, Apprisen provided counseling to over 58,000 consumers and reached 36,000 additional persons via community financial education. Apprisen clients reduced their debt in 2010 by over $180,000,000. Both agencies provide comprehensive Financial Services, HUD-approved housing counseling and financial education. Both are accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) and their local Better Business Bureaus. Apprisen Financial Advocates and CCCS of Southern West Virginia are members of the National Foundation for Financial Services (NFCC), the oldest non-profit Financial Services national association. 

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