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Saving Advice for Your Sunny Days

Columbus, Ohio – May 26, 2011  - Apprisen Financial Advocates/Consumer Financial Services Service is a national nonprofit consumer Financial Services agency that provides personal Financial Services and financial education. In January, Apprisen suggested consumers make "2011– the year to get and stay on track with their money," a resolution that will have lifelong benefits. Seven key habits that make up good personal financial money management were identified. This month Apprisen focuses on one of those habits, "Building Savings."

We have all heard the saying “Save for a rainy day”, but are Americans saving for rainy days, retirement days or any days?  According to the National Foundation for Financial Services’s 2011 Financial Literacy Survey that answer would be “no” or “not enough”.  In fact, almost one-third of all adults have no emergency or retirement savings at all.  “That’s a scary figure when we all know that having a savings account will help tide us over when times get rough” says Jana Root, Community Outreach Coordinator.  “We should be saving for sunny days and be prepared for rainy ones”. Apprisen/CCCS offers this advice to help increase the balance of your savings accounts.

  • Have at least one savings account at a bank or credit union that you deposit into regularly.
  • Use direct deposit, into your savings account, in order to pay yourself first.
  • Establish a separate emergency savings account for the unexpected. We recommend 3-6 months worth of expenses as a savings goal.
  • Create savings accounts for specific financial goals such as a new car, home, vacation, education.
  • Participate in your employer’s 401K or other retirement plan. If they match all or some of your contributions, that is FREE money to you!
  • Understand when to use Certificates of Deposit (CD’s), IRAs, Roth IRAs and other higher rate savings vehicles.
  • Start small.  Even saving your change every day can add up to big savings over time.

Next month another one of the seven habits will be discussed.  Consumers can find information on all seven habits to “Get and Stay on Track with Your Money” by visiting

About Apprisen
Apprisen Financial Advocates, a national nonprofit Financial Services agency, has been helping consumers manage their finances and get out of debt for over 55 years. Certified counselors provide money management, debt counseling, HUD-approved housing counseling and financial education. Services are provided in-person in 10 states through local offices and nationally by phone or the Internet. The oldest nonprofit Financial Services agency in the country, Apprisen Financial Advocates is known in its local communities as Consumer Financial Services Service (CCCS). Accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA), Apprisen is a member of the National Foundation for Financial Services (NFCC), the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and AICCCA. Information is available 24/7. Call 800-355-2227 or visit the website, You can also follow CCCS/Apprisen on Facebook and on Twitter.


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