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National Protect Your Identity Week

Columbus, Ohio – October 10, 2011  - Over 8 million people are victimized by identity theft each year, with ID theft remaining the top complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. There have been breaches of secure information in nearly every sector of the business community as well as the education, healthcare, banking, and even government sectors.  Everyone, even children, is at risk of identity theft.

Apprisen Financial Advocates, locally known as Consumer Financial Services Service, is proud to take the lead in this area by bringing identity theft protection education to consumers.  Apprisen is participating in the National Protect Your Identity Week (PYIW) October 16-22, 2011.  The initiative is co-hosted by the National Foundation for Financial Services, the National Sheriffs’ Association and the National Association of Triads.  Since prevention is the best answer to this growing problem, Apprisen will offer shredding events and distribute identity theft protection information in numerous cities across the country.  All events will be open to the public and free of charge.  Visit our website,, and click on the identity theft protection banner at the bottom of the home page to see a complete list of our events. 

There are many techniques that thieves use when committing identity theft, from more traditional methods, such as stolen wallets, to emerging methods through the Internet and social media. Because of this, consumers should learn to protect themselves through an array of different options.

“Even though the old-fashioned ways of stealing a person’s identity are still prevalent, the thieves are beginning to focus on the personal information they can obtain from our everyday electronic devices such as cell phones, PDAs, pagers and even copy machines,” said Jana Root, spokesman for Apprisen,   “Child identity theft is a growing concern, as it may go unnoticed until the child is an adult and applies for credit.  Consumers need to stay in front of these problems, and the best way to do that is through education.  We encourage consumers to attend our free events and become better informed.”

As an additional resource, or to locate events across the United States, visit the NFCC‘s Web site dedicated to identity theft education,  While there, take an ID theft quiz to assess your level of risk.  The Web site also contains tips, statistics, and other resources to arm you against this crime.

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